Creating a logo for the company "Rezidencia pri kompe"

The developer of the " Rezidencia pri kompe " needed a logo design. The main task was to create a unique, creative logo that will reflect the features of the residential complex and emphasize its uniqueness

It was decided to make several versions of the logo, based on the completed technical specifications by the customer. All versions are based on geometry, elements of a geographical location near the water and a ferry crossing the Danube River, as well as the environmentally friendly territory of the complex on the river bank, at a sufficient distance from the city.

The customer opted for a logo made in thin lines with an image of an anchor, a tree and geometric shapes - triangles that represent the roofs of houses.

This logo has been tried on various typographic elements and in different colors and scales

As a result: the client was very pleased with the work by our design team, the choice of logo was very successful, customers notice it, it is remembered and remains in the memory of potential buyers

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