A website is a useful tool for business promotion that runs without stops or holidays. But it requires maintenance and regular support: updated text, publication of articles and photographs, following the viruses and the expiration date of the domain name. This is not an exhaustive list that should be implemented constantly.

Why do you need a website support?

To understand the specific needs of a website, it is important to know that a website service consists of two components: technical and informational support.

Technical Support:

- monitoring malfunction Web URL;

- monitoring a domain name and hosting;

- setting corporate e-mail;

- prompt removal of viruses.

Information support:

- creation, arrangement, the removal of the text content on the site;

- Update interactive content: news, banners, catalogs;

- content translation into other languages.

The technical support is necessary of the website as well as for any other mechanism. Website must work continuously to create profit and benefits. Even with small mistakes, the website can create serious losses in the form of lost visitors and orders. To avoid interruptions, work on your website, or entrust it to the responsible professionals, who will take control of the technical and informational components of your web property.

Informational support of the website is the key to a lot of traffic. Members often return to websites with interesting, relevant information: articles, prices, menus, promotions, news, and photographs. As practice shows, the website owner after a certain time no longer updates the information due to other engagements.

And it is normal. By trusting the professionals of web-studio "Creative Site", you will be able to satisfy your permanent and potential customers with useful and relevant information.

Advantages of Web-studio "Site Creative»

1. Prompt implementation of the priority tasks. Our company is engaged in the creation and promotion of websites. We know the threats to the website and how to solve them quickly.

2. Content security updates. While creating the new information, the website may lose the position in the search results. This happens if the amateur gets down to business. Working with us, the reputation of your website will be in safe hands!

3. We are responsible for the work to the client and the public. We want to create a web resource that functions as long as possible, benefits users and profits its owner.