PPC Solutions Tailored to Your Business Needs

Contextual advertising is a small advertisement that is seen by people entering a passphrase in the search engine preset by an advertiser.

The use of content

- This announcement is seen by people looking for particular information. In this case, the advertisement is not irritating.

- Advertising tuned specifically to the target audience that you need and is adjusted for the relevant criteria: geographic, temporal and behavioral. You can also see the statistics and the relation of costs to the result.

- With the help of special tools, analysts have an ability to track the behavior of your target audience and, with the help of collected information, make certain changes in the advertising campaign that affect the outcome.

Contextual advertising helps to solve the problem:


Setting up Google Adwords

  • The initial setting of the company
  • The selection of thematic keywords to trigger ads
  • Setting motivating ads
  • Customizing withdrawal strategy for profitable funds
  • Setting goals in the Google Analytics

We set up and run contextual advertising as soon as possible – up to 3 days. You will notice the desired effect immediately. Even despite the small budget, the goals will be achieved almost instantaneously!