SEO website optimization

Website promotion - a necessary measure to ensure that the site would become a work for the benefit of business. How is this related? Potential customers are already interested in the service and produce their own search. To facilitate their work, it is necessary that the site was in the SERP Top 10.

the cycle of seo

Google Seo Services

Local seo

Examples of questions in the search engine: "Bar near me", "Beauty salon near me"

The brand seo

Examples of questions in the search engine: "Clothing store Nike", "Coffee house Homeliness"


Examples of questions in the search engine: "Buy a washing machine", "Food delivery home"


  • Optimization of WebSite
  • Registration of Company in the Google My Business
  • Registration of Company in YP and other directories
  • Optimization of WebSite for major requests
  • Link building
  • Creation of positive environment reputation (feedback)
  • Write a unique description for each item
  • Adding commercial site factors such as location map, delivery area, requisites, etc.


The cost of services to optimize the site for the requirements of the search system - 200 euro.

Making the right website promotion.