Redesign of websites

Do you have a website for more than three years? Did the site cease to be profitable? So the site is outdated and requires a complete change of external and internal appearance.  The website will be subjected to the change in design, website functionality and content management system.

A periodical redesign of your website gives you the opportunity to show the development to your regular customers, partners and competitors.  Improving the usability of the site increases the time spent on the site due to the convenience of finding the necessary information for the visitor.

The goal of the Web Studio is to analyze the target audience of your company in order to create the most convenient arrangement of the contextual material.

The design department of web-studio "Site Creative" stays up to date with all the latest trends and the most recent developments in the field of graphics. Experience and knowledge allow us to create a product of exceptional quality, that wins the attention and hearts of potential visitors.

How do you know when the site needs a redesign?

  • If you need SEO optimization
  • If you need to update the site interface - add new products and services
  • If the company needs new marketing strategy due to a change of company image or mission
  • If the website has poor performance or if you lose touch with previous website developers
  • If you switch to CMS control or another control system
  • If you change the owner of the company, changing the target audience, the change of direction and theme of the site

How to order a site redesign?

Call and make a professional audit of the site to understand what problems need to be addressed.